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Hrímnir Master

von Hrimnir
CHF 3,438.00
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Basic features:


Individual features:

  • Deep seat
  • Hrímnir-Soft seat
    • extra layer of BayFlex® foam in the seat for superior comfort and safety
    • does not become compressed over time
  • Thigh blocks
    • placed on the outside flap mainly support the thigh instead of the knee
    • offer a steady and strong leg position for all types of riders
    • especially suitable for taller riders or riders with a knee problem
    • the thigh block will adjust to the individual anatomy of the rider which ensures support at the correct area of the thigh
  • Single leather layer in the flap
    • stronger and more durable leather
  • Comes with a head gullet in size M

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Þórarinn EymundssonÞórarinn Eymundsson (world champion in five- gait, multiple Icelandic champion in different disciplines, Level A riding master, riding teacher at Hólar):

„The Master saddle is very horsefriendly and helps to improve the rider’s seat. In my opinion, the Master saddle is the leading saddle of its kind. It supports the leg of the rider above the knee and gives the knee and leg freedom of movement. In this way, the saddle improves the seat of the rider without forcing him into a position”.


Our advice

It is extremely important to choose a saddle tree length which will position the rider’s legs up against the thigh support. The saddle tree is too long if the legs are not supported by the thigh blocks when sitting relaxed in the saddle.