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Hrímnir Champion

von Hrimnir
CHF 3,438.00
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Basic features:


Individual features:

  • Medium deep seat
  • Support pads in front of the seat
  • Thigh blocks
    • placed underneath the flap for extra softness and comfort
    • extra seam on the flap at the thigh block for additional comfort
    • mainly support the thigh instead of the knee
    • offer a steady and strong leg position for all types of riders
    • the flap over the thigh blocks will adjust to the individual anatomy of the rider
    • especially suitable for taller riders
  • Two layers of leather in the flap
  • Thin extra layer of foam on the flaps for extra comfort and protection of the stitching
  • Comes with a head gullet in size M

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Eyrún Ýr LM16Eyrún Ýr Pálsdóttir (Landsmót-winner in fivegait 2016 and Icelandic champion in fivegait 2015):

„Before I tried the Hrímnir Champion, I was always using two or three different saddles for training. But now I only use the Hrímnir Champion because it works well for all horses and different purposes”.


Our advice

The gullet channel between the panels in our saddles is wide to allow increased space for the spine. For this reason it is important to use a saddle pad if the horse’s back is not well developed. If the horse has broad shoulders make sure to use the appropriate Xchange gullet plate.