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Hrímnir Elite

von Hrimnir
CHF 4,112.00
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Basic features:


Individual features:

  • Deep seat
  • Hrímnir-Soft seat
    • extra layer of BayFlex® foam in the seat for superior comfort and safety
    • does not become compressed over time
  • Classical design with deepest point in the middle of the seat for optimal weight distribution
  • High comfort and good support for the rider
  • Monoflap for extra close contact (stirrup leathers lie on top of the saddle flap)
  • Knee blocks
    • support the rider mainly at the area of the knee
    • offer good support and steadiness for the leg
    • placed on the outside of the flap
  • Wider gullet channel for optimum fit and weight distribution
  • Made of the best leather available on the market
  • Vegetable chrome tanned leather for best colour durability and superior softness
  • Comes with a head gullet in size M

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Þórarinn EymundssonÁsmundur Ernir Snorrason (successful competition rider and horse trainer, representative for Iceland at the world championships 2017 in four gait):

„“The Hrímnir Elite supports the rider very well and helps to sit in a very good full seat. The saddle adapts extraordinary well to the back of the horse and enables a close contact between horse and rider”.