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Pessoa training aid

von Hrimnir
CHF 212.00


  • Lungeing aid that activates the hindquarters
  • Adaptable for different training stages
  • Ropes, pulleys, rollers
  • For regular training or rehabilitation

    Did you know?

    Researchers of the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket studied the effect of the Pessoa Training aid and found that it seems to improve posture and stimulate the core muscles of the horse without increased loading of the limbs. This makes it a good choice for the training of riding horses and rehabilitation of horses that recover from limb injury: See test results.


    Our advice

    This training system is a great aid for both regular training and rehabilitation of riding horses. However, if applied incorrectly, it can harm your horse and have a negative effect on training. Make sure that you do not shorten the ropes too much and force your horse into a posture. The horse must be able to move freely through its back and neck. If you are not certain how to adjust this training aid on your horse, we highly recommend getting advice from a professional trainer first! 

    Before training with this lungeing aid, the horse should know basic lungeing.  

    Give your horse some time to get used to the Pessoa training aid. Some horses can get scared when it is placed around their hindquarters for the first time. Be sure that your horse is accepting of being touched by a loose rein on the hind legs, where the training aid will be placed. When attaching the lungeing aid for the first time, choose a safe, enclosed place and make sure you can get out of harm’s way in case of a frightened reaction. Do not attach the lungeing aid to the bit rings right away when training for the first time. Once the horse is walking calmly, you can attach the lungeing aid to the bit rings and start working.