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Relief Satteldecke

von Hrimnir
CHF 118.00


  • A NEW design for saddle pads!
  • Improved freedom of movement during training
  • Maximum shock absorption and pressure distribution via memory foam
  • Specific padding only over the main weight-bearing surface of the horse’s back results in less pressure under the front and back part of the saddle
  • Maximum comfort and adaptability
  • Decorative cord
  • Fabric: 80% polyester,  20% cotton
  • Lining: 100% polyester
  • Padding I: 100% polyester
  • Padding II: memory foam
  • Machine washable up to 30°C 

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HeuschmannDr. Gerd Heuschmann (Tierarzt, FN-Bereiter und Author):

„I believe the Hrímnir Relief saddle pad is a big step forward in the Icelandic horse world." 


This product was tested by Fleygur Islandpferdeportal! See test results.


Memory foam

Memory foam is manufactured from a viscoelastic type of polyurethane. When you put pressure on it, the pressure and the body temperature together soften the foam and make it almost fluid. It molds to those parts of the saddle and back muscles that are most in contact with it. The result of this is excellent pressure distribution. When you remove the pressure, its elasticity enables it to revert to its original shape.
With long and extensive usage Memory foam can loose its volume and elasticity. You cannot prevent Memory foam completely from compressing to the point that it can no longer recover to its original shape. But you can take steps to ensure to extend its life by as much as possible. Such steps include storing the pad separately (not under the saddle on the saddle rack), regular cleaning (see washing instructions in additional information) and after drying the pad following washing it can be good to vacuum the pad.


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